Engineering services



  • Designing of high-voltage and low-voltage systems
  • Designing of automatics systems
  • Designing of solar panel systems

Building-engineering (HVAC):

  • Construction of central heating, air-conditioning systems
  • Construction of water and drainage networks
  • Construction of ventilation technology systems
  • Construction of natural-gas networks
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Construction of commercial tenements

Responsible technical management, technical inspection in the following areas:

  • MV-ÉV – Responsible technical management of building-electricity works of buildings
  • ME-V – Technical inspection of building-electricity works of buildings
  • ME-EN-VI – Technical inspection of electric cables and equipment
  • MV-VI – Responsible technical management of electric cable and equipment construction
  • MV-ÉP/ÉG – Responsible technical management of building-engineering (HVAC) works of buildings
  • ME-ÉG-I. – Technical inspection of building-engineering (HVAC) works of buildings

Report preparation, review of electric design documentations

Review, compilation of delivery documentations

Review, monitoring of energy consumption, recommendation for the exploitation of the system’s capacities