In industrial, communal, residential as well as commercial buildings and environments:


  • Installation of lighting networks (normal, dimmable, security, highlighting)
  • Construction of power-transmission and control systems
  • Track development of automatic and monitoring systems, installation and programming of hardware
  • Installation of lightning protection and grounding systems
  • Installation of meters, distribution devices
  • Development of location lighting and street lighting networks
  • Track development, installation of low-voltage systems (structured, fire-alarm, property protection, audio, entrance, CCTV)
  • Construction of solar panel systems
  • Construction of commercial tenements

Building-engineering (HVAC)

  • Construction of central heating, air-conditioning systems
  • Construction of water and drainage networks
  • Construction of ventilation technology systems
  • Construction of natural-gas networks
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Construction of commercial tenements